Roof Restoration & Repair Services

Roof Tight are Perth’s leading roof restoration experts. Roof Tight will improve the look of your property while adding value to your home. The team at Roof Tight are experts in leak detection, however detecting a leak does not automatically mean that the whole roof system needs replacing, many leaks can be repaired using advanced waterproofing systems to extend the life of your roof. Some roofs only need a pressure clean and a repoint to bring them back to life, whereas others may need a complete 10 step Roof Restoration.

Restoring a roof follows our 10 step process to make your roof look as good as new. We are widely recognised as leaders in restoring terracotta, concrete and metal tiled roofs to their former glory.

Roof Tight 10 Step Roof Restoration Process:

Remove and dispose of all broken tiles and ridge caps
Coat the roof tiles with a protective and decorative acrylic coating

Inspect and secure all Flashings


High Pressure clean all dirt, Moss and Lichen from the roof


Re-bed Ridge Capping and Re-point all Ridge Capping with a flexible pointing compound


Seal Roof with roof primer/sealer


Coat the roof tiles with a protective and decorative acrylic coating


Clean and flush all gutters


Leave our customer 6 coated spare tiles


Remove and dispose of all waste products and materials

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